Top Ten Most Popular TV Dramas Ever in Pakistan

If we talk about the TV dramas then definitely our mind clicks the exceptional & outstanding Standards of PTV. From the start of the beginning PTV proved itself as one of the pioneer in the in the media industry not only in Pakistan but Worldwide also. The Pakistan Television PTV has delivered quality drama serials in the past which are still in the minds of the people & wish to watch again & again. The success & the perfection of PTV dramas is due to the quality contents of the writers & the excellent work done by the producers which they have made & definitely the actors turn this standard into a masterpiece. PTV has produced countless popular Drama Serials but here we have tried to create a list of top ten most popular TV dramas ever in Pakistan.


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The height of glory Drama serial Waaris really deserve to hold the 1st top position of the most popular drama serials ever produced in Pakistan. Basically in this play the Pakistan’s issues have been highlighted in a very nice way. The play is about the Pakistani feudal village lord with his son & the two nephews. Actually their aim is to hold the power over the whole village but they struggle because there land was under the threat of purchase for the construction of new dam. The memorable dialogues & the performance of the whole team really made this serial as a mile stone in the Pakistan TV dramas.


The next Drama serial Afshaan ranked 2nd in our list of top ten most popular TV Dramas ever in Pakistan. Afshaan is a beautiful blend of the old & new civilization. This memorable drama serial is basically the story of two families which are struggling to keep their values & how beautifully they have done are really admirable. The highlighted point in this block buster drama serial is the presentation of the whole civilization especially the Hyderabad Deccan civilization. The characters in this serial were simply outstanding & the perfect cast made this serial a memorable one.

3-Dhoop Kinaare

Dhoop Kinaare is another blockbuster Drama serial ever produced by the Pakistan Television PTV. This is a real love story play which is full of romance. Hasina Moin is the writer of this majestic love story play & she has beautifully describes the characters in this play. That’s why this drama serial has given a lot of fame to her career. It was one of the best plays in the 80s. All the cast was up to the mark but Rahat Kazmi & Marina Khan were simply outstanding. This play is an excellent example of the culture of that era which is really watchable.

4-Alpha Bravo Charlie

Alpha Bravo Charlie holds the 4th place in the top ten. This lovely Drama serial is a quality production of the Pakistan Television.  All the characters of the play are outstanding but Shehnaz was really amazing to watch & with this single play she grabbed all the fame in a very little time. This drama serial surely is the masterpiece of Shoaib Mansoor. The main thing about this serial is the use of humour which was rightly placed & never makes the audience bored.

5-Khuda Ki Basti

Khuda Ki Basti is another name of success. This is perfect drama serial & got lot of fame not only in Pakistan but internationally as well. It was included in the syllabus of Drama Academy in Europe that shows the perfection & the quality content of drama serial Khuda ki Basti. For the First it was dramatized in 1969 & then in 1974. Both the times the leading roles were Zaheen Tahir & Qazi Wajid. Their outstanding performance made this serial a famous & memorable one.

6-Aik Muhabbat Sau Afsaane

The legendry Ishfaq Ahmad was the Writer of this block buster drama series of Aik Muhabbat Sau Afsaane. This series was simply amazing which describes the philosophy of love in an amazing way. In the series of this drama serial the first was Qurat ul ain & was really memorable & amazing drama that we have seen. Similarly Sakina & Cinderella and Dedae e Dil were lovely serials to watch. The standard of acting in this drama serial was admirable. Over all it was one of play full of emotions of love on TV screens.


Ankahi is the lovely production of Legend Shoaib Mansoor & of course this was his first drama serial. Basically it is a beautiful family’s story where the eastern culture has been presented quite amazingly. The Shehnaz Sheikh has really performed well & in this story her family was really up to the mark & the main thing is that she pairs in memorable three on screen chemistries in this play which shows her talent & versatility.

8-Andhera Ujala

Andhera Ujala is one of the top drama serials ever produced in Pakistan & comes at no.8 in our list. The main roles are Muhammad Qawi Khan & especially the pair of Jamil Fakhri & Irfan Khosat really has done amazingly well. This is a lovely drama serial of Pakistan Television where the culture of Pakistan’s police have been highlighted comprehensively. If we deeply look at the features then it seems very close to the western style of dramas. It was so popular among the audience that the roads were closed when it on aired.

9-Taleem e Balighan

Taleem e Balighan is surely a master piece of the Pakistan Television. It was produced in 1956 & was most popular drama serial of that time even today if we watch it gives us really an equal enjoyment to us as it was in the past. Comedy is not an easy task but Kh. Moin uddin in this play has done it. It was basically a political flavor & the comprehensive effort of PTV on behalf of the Politicians.


Nijaat is a multidimensional drama serial of Pakistan Television.

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