Top Ten Facts about Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the greatest nations of the World & no doubt about it is the Fort of Islam. Due to its Geostrategic location Pakistan is considers as an important country of the World. It is rich in culture, traditions & especially the Natural Beauty is the talking point of Pakistan. In this scenario here we discuss the top ten facts about Pakistan.

1-Nuclear Country

The Proud Fact about Pakistan is that it is the first Nuclear Power in the Islamic World. This was happened in 28 May 1998. In Chaghi (Baluchistan) Pakistan carried out five Nuclear Tests.


2-National Anthem

 Another proud thing about Pakistan is that the tune of National Anthem is considered the top first in the top three ranking of the World.

3-Air Commodore MM Alam

The Pakistan Army is one of the Professional & brave army of the World. The history creates by Air Commodore MM Alam by shooting down five planes in less than a minute time which is the World record.

4-World Tallest Cake

Pakistan made the record of the World’s tallest cake in 1997 which was 105 feet high monster which was broken in 2008 by Indonesia.

5-Microsoft Expert

Late Arfa Karim is the World’s youngest certified Microsoft expert from Pakistan. Similarly Babar Iqbal is also included in this list.

6-Deep Sea Port

The World’s largest deep sea port Gawader which is located on the southwestern warm water Arabian Sea is also in Pakistan.

7-Shah Faisal Mosque

From 1886 -1993 the Shah Faisal mosque was the largest mosque in the World & now the 4th largest after the completion of Hassan 2 Mosque in Casablanca (Morrocco) & the Masjid-e-Nabwi in Saudi Arabia.

8-Military Force

The Pakistan Army is a trained & professional army & is famous for its bravery. The Pakistan Military force is the 6th largest force in the World.

9-Broadband Internet System

The one of the proud fact about Pakistan is that it is the 4th largest Broadband Internet System in the World.

10-Air Force Pilots

If we look back into the History then we have come to know that Pakistan has produced quality Air Force Pilots. The Best Example is the Air Commodore MM Alam. That’s the reason Pakistan is considered as the best Air Force Pilot Trainer in the World.

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