Top Ten Bowlers of Pakistan All Time

The Pakistani Bowlers are ranked at the top level in the World of Cricket. They have created the histories & brighten the name of Pakistan. The Golden age of Pakistani Fast Bowlers has come to an end but new talented young bowlers are coming. The need is to get services from the legendary bowlers in order to train the young talent because these legendary bowlers are the assets of Pakistan Cricket. The only thing is to utilize these experiences for the betterment of the Pakistan Cricket. The Pakistan Cricket Board should hire Pakistani Coaches instead of the foreigners because they are World Class & the World accept it. Let’s come to recall the legendary bowlers of Pakistan ever produced.

1-Wasim Akram

Wasim Akram

The Left arm Fast Bowler Wasim Akram ranked 1st in the top ten list of Pakistan’s Best bowlers. The amazing bowler had all the six different balls to deliver in a single over. That’s why he was so dangerous for any batsmen in the World. His beautiful action & his passion were simply outstanding. The legend Wasim Akram was a thinking bowler & he delivers the ball according to the batsmen. The match winning bowler has performed in tough situations & on flat pitches where there is nothing for the bowlers. In the 1992 World cup final he stunned every one with his magical bowling.

2-Imran Khan

Imran Khan

The Legend Imran Khan has surely no comparable because his technique & the pace were outstanding which made much difficult for the Batsmen to play the shots. His thinking ability was superb & he quickly guessed what the batsman should do. Imran Khan was the first true fast bowler ever produced in Asia. He got stunning pace & the true display of his pace was against India in 1982-83 where he took 40 wickets in 6 test matches.

3-Waqar Younis

Waqar Younis

The reverse swing Master Waqar Younis was an outstanding right arm fast bowler. His pace & the thinking ability has made the batsmen into trouble especially his toe destructive Yorker. He has done lot in the International arena of Cricket. He is World record holder in the International Cricket where he got five wickets each in the consecutive three matches & also 13 times five wickets in his career.

4-Abdul Qadir

Abdul Qadir

Abdul Qadir has been the strength of Pakistan Cricket Team. He was the leg spinner bowler & had lot of varieties in his bowling. His famous guggly was really unplayable ball for any batsmen in the World. He was the greatest spinner in his era. In his career he made lot of contribution but his special bowling display was 6/16 against the best batting line up of the World West Indies at that time.

5-Fazal Muhammad

Fazal Muhammad

The next name in our list of top ten is Legend Fazal Muhammad. He was a right arm fast bowler in the Pakistan’s bowling line up. His strength was wicket to wicket bowling with a tight line & length & also used to swing the ball in the both ways. His best performances were 5/55 & 7/42 in the second test match & Pakistan won that match by an innings & 43 runs.

6-Saqlain Mushtaq

Saqlain Mushtaq

The Founder of Doosra legendary Saqlain mushtaq was an outstanding off spinner. He had simple lovely action & the thinking ability made him the world class bowler. Now a days many bowlers uses Doosra as a weapon in their bowling. This classic bowler was the backbone in the Pakistani bowling line up.  Saqlain Mushtaq will always remains as the best one day International off spinner with 288 wickets in 169 Matches.

7-Shoaib Akhtar

Shoaib Akhtar

Shoaib Akhtar is known as the Rawalpindi Express. He was the only bowler who used to ball more than 100 miles per hour. This extra pace which he used to generate has made every top batsman in trouble because his bowling was the mixture of extra pace & Passion. He also swung the ball in the both ways. His career is full of controversies & injuries but in spite of this the bowler of his caliber not exists in the International arena of Cricket.

8-Sarfraz Nawaz

Sarfraz Nawaz

The Founder of Reverse Swing Sarfraz Nawaz is a prominent name in the International Cricket. He is a product of 70s Cricket & what a useful bowler he was. He had the ability to generate an extra pace but most of the times he deliver in a medium pace because in this pace he can swung the ball quite nicely. In 1979 at Melbourne the Cricket Lovers Witness a lovely display of his bowling where he single handedly won the match for Pakistan.

9-Iqbal Qasim

Iqbal Qasim

Iqbal Qasim comes at No. 9 in the ranking of top ten bowlers of Pakistan all time. There are lots of ups & downs in his career but in spite of all this he was a useful left arm spin bowler in the Pakistan’s bowling line up. His best bowling was against the India at Bangalore where he bowled really well along with another spinner Tauseef Ahmad & made the Pakistan Victorious against India.

10-Khan Muhammad

Khan Muhammad

The last name in our top ten lists but not the least is Khan Muhammad. He was the man who took the 1st test match Wicket from the Pakistanis. It was the period of 1952-58. In his era he had the ability to swing the ball on both sides of the wicket with a pace as the modern bowlers of this time do this.

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