Top Ten Batsmen of Pakistan All Time

Pakistan surely is the magical flavor in ICC. If we search the history then automatically our mind clicks lot of memorable cricket matches in the World arena of Cricket & most of them are the Pakistanis who really gave a majestic touch to International cricket. That’s why Pakistan’s cricket lovers are found everywhere in the World. If we try to mention all the names of the brighting stars & legends of Cricket then it will take long time & after that we will definitely not make it possible. Here we have generated a list of top ten Batsmen of Pakistan all time.

1-Javed Miandad

pakistani cricketer

Javed Miandad was an outstanding batsman ever produced by Pakistan. He had a variety of stokes & a perfect command to play the pull shots. He has performed in the tough situations for Pakistan & that’s why he was considered as the backbone of Pakistan Cricket team. He was fit to play in every of pitch whether it is the turning pitches of sub-continent or the bouncy tracks of Australian & West Indies or the seaming tracks of England Cricket grounds. The 1986 Sharjah cup was his memorable knock & still when the discussion is on about Sharjah cup then definitely his name comes in our minds. His amazing thing for me is the quality that how nicely he adopted himself according to the requirement of the match. Overall he was an outstanding player & surely deserves the top 1st position in the list of top ten Pakistani Batsmen.

2-Hanif Muhammad


The next name in our top ten lists is Legendary Hanif Muhammad. His passion & his sound technique are really admirable. He was a runs scoring machine of his era. If we compare with Sunil Gavaskar & Len Hutton then surly he is sounder than that of these both. In 1957-58 at Barbados against West Indies the cricket lovers witnesses an outstanding display of his batting where he scored 337 & 970 Minutes he stayed at pitch.

3-Zaheer Abbas

pakistani cricket

The Asian Bradman Zaheer Abbas was a great improviser of the ball & no one can be of his class. He was the master of an extra cover drive. His presence on the wicket was always a red alert for every team in the World because he was a busy player & rotates the strikes quite easily. His high score is 274 which he made in Edgbaston & 240 at the Oval Cricket Ground. His class was that he nicely managed himself in the slow tracks that show his temperament & sound technique.

4-Inzamam Ul Haq

Inzamam Ul Haq

The Legend Inzamam Ul Haq has been the match winner for Pakistan. He has always performed in every do or dies situations. His Passion & his outstanding sound technique were really amazing to see. In 1992 World cup semi final his 60 runs turned the match in to Pakistan’s favor. The great Inzamam Ul Haq was a natural stroke player of the ball & has possessed a variety of shoots in his pocket. It was always a dream for any bowler to get his wicket.

5-Saeed Anwar

Saeed Anwar

An outstanding & the classical left handed batsman Saeed Anwar was really pleasant to watch. He has been the successful opening batsman for Pakistan ever. He was a trusted opening batsman in the Pakistani batting line up. His Successful opening pair with Aamir Sohail has served Pakistan over the number of years. His majestic display of batting of 194 runs in the one day Internationals has been a World Record for the number of years & has been broken now.

6-Majid Khan

Majid Khan

The Majid Khan was a delightful Player of the Hook shoot. He was a master blaster of the bad wickets & possessed a wide range of shoots. He was best player of his time & reminds the Viv & Barry Richards. His best innings was 167 runs against West Indies in 1977 at Georgetown. He has scored fastest 112 in just 88 balls against England in the Prudential Trophy in 1974 & this was his best display of batting of that time.

7-Muhammad Yousaf

Muhammad Yousaf

Muhammad Yousaf ranked seven in the top ten lists of Pakistani Batsmen all time. He was a trusted batsman in the middle order batting line up of Pakistan. Technically he was a sound batsman & has played lot of innings when Pakistan was in trouble. In 2006 calendar year he was considered as the best batsmen. The highlighted thing about Muhammad Yousaf is the consistency which shows that how talented he was. He was so consistent in his batting throughout of his career.

8- Salim Malik

Salim Malik

Salim malik is known as the man of crises. He had the variety of shoots & an amazing power hitting abilities. In the difficult situations he has done for his team in many occasions. In 1987 against England series he has played a marvelous role in Pakistan’s Success. Similarly in 1994 against Australia in the home series he displayed a quality batting.

9-Younis Khan

Younis Khan

Younis Khan ranked at no. 9 in the top ten batsmen all the time for Pakistan. He is a lovely player to watch when he is in form. The Amazing thing about Younis Khan is that he in among one of those batsmen who never give any Relaxation to the bowler & moves the score board with his intelligent batting.

10-Asif Iqbal

Asif Iqbal

Asif Iqbal is the last man in our list but not the least. He was a lovely batsman comes at No. 6 in the batting line up of Pakistan having all the shoots. He used to manage his batting display with the tail Enders quite nicely. His 146 run not out at Oval were simply outstanding. In the critical situations he always performed well.


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